I am an aspiring everything.

I was born into music; I don't remember deciding to do it, but I remember loving it and wanting to expand my own abilities and experiences.  I remember that because it was this morning.

I learned to like movies and TV; I wanted to know how shows were made and why things worked the way they do and why I was rooting so hard for Luke Skywalker at the end.  And I wanted to know what everyone did - what every one of the hundreds of people did at the end of the movie, and when people walked out of the theater over scrolling names I wanted to know what they did and how they got their signature on the screen.

I dissolved into photography (or should I say it was dissolved into me?); I've come to learn the power of a single frame, and how color works and what ASA and ISO mean and how it feels to incorrectly load an old 35mm film camera and shoot it all through and then realize the shutter was slow and it was all for naught.  I've paid for my minor mistakes, and I continue to hope the rest of them are only minor, but I know some of them won't be.  But that's alright.  I think I'm a better photographer for it.

I've turned my passions into a career.  In Production I've worked as a film set PA, an AD, a camera film loader, a 2nd AC, a 1st AC, as a set dec PA, a props assist, a sound mixer, a boom op, a DP, a Producer, and a Director.  In Post I've worked as a footage logger, a Story Editor, an Associate Producer, a Story Producer, an Editor, an Assistant Editor, and a Composer.  I have an imdb page, and I know, like anyone who's made a career in entertainment, it only tells half the story.  I've screened shorts at Film Festivals around the country, screened them for friends at home, screened them for the public online, and I know what it feels like to know you've got someone's attention... and then lose it.


To create it.  I started working in Los Angeles in 2006 and I haven't looked back.  Everything I've done up until this point has gotten me here, but I'm not done yet.  I have to keep going at it, because that's the point.  You do it to do it again, so you can keep doing it.

I don't think anyone can stop me now.